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Drivers & user disks

IBM Canada still has this Vintage Personal Computers Page, but if you are looking for reference diskettes and other downloads you should look here.

Enduser home page for Support and Service (ICS-Olivetti), includes downloadable user disks and drivers.

Utilities for Microchannel systems

QBMCA MCA-adapter identification software: identifies almost every MCA card.

IDMCA MCA adapter identification utility, clone of QBMCA, works faster.

POS Programmable option select display utility (to know your planar's id).

REFSTAMP Reference disk ID stamping utility: can transform any floppy to a reference diskette.

SYSPART Diskette image for system/reference partition maintenance.


WinImage. You can easily manage disk images through your Windows GUI. It allows to change disk format (i.e. you may convert a 360 Kb image to 1,44 Mb). I tested it with several uncommon disk formats (e.g. CP/M 5.25" disks) with good results.

DIM (Diskette Image Archiver). This one is very demanding: your diskettes must have absolutely no bad sectors. Also, it uses no compression and it reads all sectors, including non-used ones (thus, a 1,44 Mb disk would result in a 1,44 Mb image in any case). Format conversion is impossible. The good things are that it includes MKSFXDIM which allows you to create self extracting disk images, and that you can protect your disk images with a password. Also, it is freeware.

System Information

Intel CPU id utility works on later 486 and Pentium CPUs. It gives model revision & stepping of your Intel processor. Almost useless with 286s, 386s and early 486s.

More to come...

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