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RESOURCES (PS/2 & Microchannel Systems)

IBM Canada Vintage Personal Computers Page includes much info and downloadable software.

IBM Link if you want to search some Announcement letters or other info.

ComputerCraft has a good section on PS/2s and Microchannel. A very interesting (though outdated) PS/2 Reference Guide can be found here.

MCA Enthusiasts MCA Main Page (by Peter H. Wendt).

9595 Ardent Tool of Capitalism (by Louis Ohland) large site focused on PS/2s, you need to visit it.

PS Info interesting Website on PS/2s.

Tavi PS/2 pages assorted information on PS/2s.

Personal System /55 Japanese PS/2 pages (in English).

The IBM PS/2 and PC Server Compendium (by Tim Clarke) assorted information on PS/2s.

COLLECTORS (PS/2s & Microchannel Systems)

Alfred Arnold several minis and micros, including many PS/2s.

Tim Connor Tim's IBM PS/2 70 pages.

Kane PS/2 model 80 and other machines.

KC's Computer Closet from home-computers to minis (mostly late '70s-early '80s).

MadMax includes much info (docs, specs, news, etc.).

Dan Mathias assorted home- and micro-computers (also some minis) from late '70s to early '90s.

Dennis Smith "The PS/2 Page".

Fred Spencer dedicated mostly to IBM PS/2 80.

Clemens Weller visit his IBM section.

Peter H. Wendt MCA Enthusiasts' curator personal pages.

Jason Whorton old Computers Web Site (features a good section on PS/2 mod. 60).

D.B. Young several home and personal computers from the '80s, including many PS/2s.

Gathering information on the systems

For micro channel (MCA) systems I used QBMCA by Peter Wendt to identify cards and Bob Eager's POS to get planar IDs. BIOS manufacturer, date and size can be viewed by almost any system information utility. Of course, most information results from direct observation: physical description of systems, memory size and type, drives, etc. Check here to know how I identified manufacturing date of most system units and parts.

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