Philips VG-8020

Type VG8020/40
Serial JM 00 726032779
Manufactured Made in Japan
Date February 1987

Physical description

Type Integrated
Dimensions (HxWxD) 65 x 400 x 216 mm
Keyboard Integrated 73 keys
Drive Bays N/a
Power supply 24 W, 220 V (integrated)

Main Board

ROM MSX Version 1.0 (32 K)
Processor Z80 (8-bit), DIP (chip 8701)
Memory 80 Kb (not expandable)
Expansion slots 2
Interface FDD (2 units)
Video Integrated chip
Ports Serial


Acquisition July '02, found in a electronic appliances dump, together w. its monitor
Condition Excellent, working
Repairs/modifications Repalced monitor's main power switch
Current status All hw working
Spare parts Nothing

Peripherals: MONITORS

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