Toshiba Satellite 1800

Machine type S1800-314 (PS183E-00V3H-IT)
Serial 32811605G
Manufacturer Toshiba Europe GmBH (Assembled in Europe)
Pre-loaded software Microsoft Windows XP H.E. (attached C.o.A.), utilities
Date March 27, 2002

Physical description

Type Portable, Notebook (w/ replaceable main battery)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 46 x 315 x 278 mm (closed)
Weight 3,2 Kg (incl. battery)
Drive bays 2.5" HDD (height 9 mm), FDD, CD-ROM drive
Integrated display 14,1" TFT (1024x768 pixels)
Integrated keyboard 85 keys, Italian, 3 special function keys ("easy keys"), CD-ROM function keys
Other features Integrated Alps Touchpad, integrated speakers
Power supply External 15V - 5A AC adaptor, internal 10.8V - 4500mAh Li-ION battery pack

Main board

BIOS Toshiba Ver. 1.80 (02/20/2002)
Processor Intel Celeron-1100 MHz (32-bit, 128Kb L2 cache, 100 Mhz FSB)
Coprocessor Integrated on Celeron
Memory Two sockets for SDRAM modules (1 to configure)
Std. Memory 128 Mb
Max on system board 512 Mb (2 x 256 Mb)
Expansion slots Two PCMCIA Type-II slots (or one Type-III)
Video Integrated Trident CyberBlade VGA display adapter (uses up to 16 Mb of main memory)
Interface FDD, IDE HDD, Toshiba Software Modem AMR, ALI Audio
Ports Keyboard/mouse (PS/2), buffered serial (16550), 2 x USB, parallel, VGA, video, audio, telephone, infrared


Memory One 128Mb DIMM
Ethernet Cadmus NE2000-compatible PCMCIA 10Mbit adapter


Diskette drive 1.44 Mb, 3.5" ultra-slim (unkn.)
Hard disk Samsung MP0302H (30 Gb) IDE/ATA, 2.5" slim REPLACEMENT
CD-ROM Teac CD-224E, IDE/ATA (24x max speed) REPLACEMENT


Acquisition Sept. '03, used, paid ca. 550$
Condition Excellent
Installed O.S. Windows XP H.E. (Italian)
Repairs/modifications Replaced original Toshiba 15 Gb HDD after a failure (Nov. '04), replaced Teac CD reader with similar unit (Mar. '05)
Current status FDD not working
Current O.S. Windows XP H.E. (Italian), Linux Slackware 10.0
Spare parts Almost nothing

Peripherals: PRINTERS

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