Hewlett-Packard Vectra VL 400 DT

Type P3730T (#ABZ)
Serial NL11612769
Pre-loaded Software Microsoft Windows 98 S.E. It. (attached C.o.A.)
Date September 2001

Physical description

Type Desktop (rev. of front panel 94-34)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 131 x 427 x 429 mm
Drive bays 3 x 3.5" (2 internal), 2 x 5.25 inch half-height
Power supply ??0 V, ?? W, manual voltage switch (date code 0138)

Main board

Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard V. R3B
BIOS Phoenix, H.P. rev. IP.01.08 US, 12/05/01
Chipset Intel i815 (66/100/133MHz clock), Socket 370
Processor Intel Celeron 700 MHz (32-bit, "Coppermine", w/MMX and SSE), PGA (Family 6, Model 8, Stepping 6 - 66 MHz Bus speed)
Coprocessor Integrated on Pentium
External cache (128 Kb, integrated on CPU)
Memory 2 DIMMs sockets (only supports PC-133 modules)
Max on system board 512 Mb (2 x 256 Mb or 1 x 512 Mb)
Bus PCI 32-bit, AGP (2x/4x)
Expansion slots 3 x 32-bit PCI, 1 x AGP (all available), on riser card (sticker 0137) (*)
Interface Enh.-IDE (2 ATA-66 units and 2 ATA-33 units), FDD (2 units), integrated 3Com 3c390 Fast Etherlink 10/100, int. CrystalClear CS4299 PCI
Video Integrated Intel 815 AGP (uses up to 9-10 Mb of system memory)
Ports PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, 2 serial (UART 16550A), parallel, 2 x USB, audio, VGA


Installed RAM 2 x 64 Mb PC-133 DIMMs (one H.P., one dated 9911) (actually 126 Mb available)
Video ATI Radeon All-in-Wonder 64 Mb AGP (0028 on card) ADDITION


Diskette drive 1.44 Mb 3.5" slim
Hard disk Seagate ST310211A (10 Gb) IDE/ATA, 3.5" slim (Date Code: 0138)
CD-ROM Goldstar CRD-8482B, IDE/ATA (48x-speed, MARCH 2001) ADDITION
CD-ROM Writer L.G. CD-RW CED-8080B, IDE/ATA (8x-2x-32x-speed, MARCH 2001) ADDITION


Acquisition Nov. 2004, bought for ca. 100$ at a radio/electronics fair
Condition Excellent, working
Installed sw MS Windows 98 S.E., Italian
Repairs/modifications Added Video card and CD-ROM burner
Current status All hw working, currently in use
Current O.S. MS Windows 98 S.E. (Italian), Linux Slackware 8.1
Spare parts Almost nothing

(*) An optional extension card w. 2 ISA slots is available.


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