MCA Network & Communications adapters
AMS Multi-Parallel 2 adapter (Rev. C) (16-bit)

Card ID: 5656 (mfd.early-97)

Olicom 16/4 Token Ring adapter - OC-3129 (16-bit)

Card ID: 0A84 (dated 01-91)

IBM Multi-Protocol adapter (16-bit)

Card ID: DEFF, IBM FRU P/N 92F1344 (mfd. end-92)

IBM Token-Ring Network adapter/A (16-bit)

Card ID: E000
This is the later, "short" version (mfd. mid-91)

3Com TokenLink III 16/4 Token Ring adapter - 3C-629 (16-bit)

Card ID: E001 (mfd. early-93)

IBM 3270 Connection Version B (16-bit)

Card ID: E1FF, IBM P/N 26F0191 (mfd. mid-89)

IBM Dual Async Adapter (16-bit)

Card ID: EEFF (FCC ID: ANO9S6450347), mfd. mid-89 (date code 9-07)

IDEAassociates Dual Async adapter (16-bit)

Card ID: EEFF, P/N 602-13461 (FCC ID: E3W5NHYPRMC) mfd. late-90

IBM 36/38 Workstation adapter (16-bit)

Card ID: FFF8, IBM P/N 68X6292 (mfd. early-88)

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