Olivetti Modulo M4-P75S

Type / Serial Unk. (*)
Manufacturer Olivetti (made in Italy)
Pre-loaded software MS-DOS 6.2, Windows per Workgroup, and Windows 95
Date January 1996

Physical description

Type Desktop
Dimensions (HxWxD) 110 x 370 x 420 mm
Drive bays 3 x 3.5" slim (2 internal), 1 x 5.25" half-height
Power supply 130 W, 100-125/200-250 V, manual voltage switch (DATE: 9550M)

Main board

BIOS AMI, July 15, 1995, PnP
Chipset Intel 430FX
Processor Intel Pentium-S 75 MHz, PGA (socket 5), replaceable (accepts Pentium-200 MHz CPUs)
Coprocessor Integrated on Pentium
External cache Socket for cache module (up to 512 Kb)
Memory 4 sockets for 70ns Fast Page or 60ns EDO 72-pin SIMMs
Max on system board 128 Mb (w. 4 x 32 Mb modules)
Bus PCI 32-bit, ISA 16-bit
Expansion slots 1 x PCI/ISA, 1 x PCI, 1 x ISA (on riser card)
Interfaces IDE HDD ( tot. 4 units on 2 ports, one is Fast-IDE), FDD (2 units)
Video Integrated Trident TGUI 9680 (chip 9552) w. 1 Mb of video mem. (exp. to 2 Mb)
Ports PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, 2 serial (UART 16550A), parallel, VGA


Cache 256 Kb 20ns Pipelined Burst module (9636)
Installed RAM 2 x 8 Mb 70ns (9534 and 37), 2 x 8 Mb 60ns (9643 and 47) SIMMs
Ethernet Compex RL2000A-PnP (9813) ADDITION


Diskette drive 1.44 Mb, 3.5" slim (unkn.)
Hard disk Quantum 640AT (640 Mb), IDE/ATA, 3.5" slim
CD-ROM drive Panasonic CR-581-B, IDE/ATA (DEC. 95)


Acquisition July 2002, paid 35$ for three M4-P75S main units, two keyboards, two mouses and two 14" monitors
Condition Very good, working
Installed O.S. None
Repairs/modifications Added ethernet card and two memory SIMMs (it had 16 Mb only)
Current status All hw working
Spare parts Almost everything


(*) Label on back of case had been removed.


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