Olivetti M380 XP7

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Machine type XP1078
Serial 3705160
Manufacturer Olivetti (made in Italy)
Date October 1989

Physical description

Type Floor standing (feet [month] 6/89)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 567 x 215 (278 incl. feet) x 660 mm
Drive bays 3 x 5.25" half-height, 2 x 5.25" full-height (all accessible)
Power supply 200-220VAC, 1A (sticker 10/89)

Main board

Manufacturer Olivetti, model BA829 (sticker 10/89)
BIOS Olivetti v. 1.07, Mar. 9, '89
Processor Intel 80386DX-25 MHz (32-bit) PGA
Coprocessor Sockets for optional 80387 and Weitek coprocessors
External cache 32 Kb (controller: Intel 82385)
Memory 8 sockets for 100ns 30-pin SIMMs (to be installed in groups of four)
Max memory 32 Mb (8 x 4 Mb) on board, max. 64 Mb incl. expansion cards
Bus Proprietary 32-bit, ISA 8/16-bit
Expansion slots 3 x 32-bit (propr.), 5 x 16-bit (two "blind"), 2 x 8-bit ISA, total 10 (7 available)
Ports PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, serial (UART 16550A), parallel


Installed RAM 8 x 1 Mb 100ns on planar (four SIMMs 8850)
Controller WD1007A-WA2 (8929), sticker Olivetti GO733 (08/89), supporting 2 HD FDD and two ESDI HDD
Video Olivetti VGA adapter (mod. GO481, Paradise PVGA1A w. 256 Kb, 7/89)
Console Olivetti IF621 (04/89, 07/89 on check panel)
Serial Dual serial card (unkn. brand, 9427 on chips) ADDITION


Diskette drive 1.44 Mb, 3.5" slim (Panasonic JU-257-03T, 89-02)
Hard disk Micropolis 1558 (305 Mb), ESDI, 5.25" full-height (8827 on chips)


Acquisition July '03, paid a few $, was in a deposit of dismissed appliances. Also bought another M380-XP7 in poorer condition and which was demolished to get spare parts
Condition Good, setup needed because of failing battery
Installed O.S. MS-DOS 6.20, MS Windows 3.1 (Italian)
Failures/repairs Replaced battery, added 4 x 1 Mb SIMMs (it had 4 Mb only)
Current status All hw working, case is somewhat rusty
Spare parts Almost everything, incl. main board, but no hard drives


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