Olivetti M24 Cards
PC1050 CRT Card (GO 380, 16-bit)

Connects to the 16-bit expansion board ("BUS Converter", a sort of riser card) and to main board (lower connectors). Supports one monochrome monitor (to which also supplies power). Dated 03/87

BUS connectors
Riser (upper) / Mainboard (lower)

Main Power conn.
(to Power supply and M/B)

BUS connectors
Riser (upper) / Mainboard (lower)

BUS Converter (IF 314, 16-bit)

This inclues 4 x 16-bit expansion slots plus 3 x 8-bit slots (ISA type). Dated 04/87. Another M24 riser card also exists (actually, two smaller cards), featuring 1 x 16-bit and 2 x 8-bit slots.

Hard Disk Controller WD-1002S-WX2 (GO 391, 8-bit)

This card supports only four specific MFM HDD types, 10 or 20 Mb (mfd. late-91). Dated 30/86

Hard Disk Controller WD-1002A-WX1 (8-bit)

This card supports two HDD belonging to four specific types, 10 or 20 Mb. MFM ST-506 interface. Dated 8808 (left) and 2/87 (right)

Memory Exp. Card (16-bit)

Brand unkn. (but common on M24s). Features 384 Kb of RAM (one bank 256Kb x 9, two banks 64 Kb x 9), chips are dated 8635 in this ex. Only useful with early 256 Kb M24 models (later exs. had 640 Kb on board).

Serial (COM) Card (8-bit)

PC1050 IF 297 (IF613 on sticker). Dated 5/88.


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