Olivetti M24

Machine type XP 1050
Serial 0015663
Manufacturer Olivetti, made in Italy
Date March(?) 1985

Physical description

Type Desktop
Dimensions (HxWxD) 160 x 380 x 415 mm
Drive bays 2 x 5.25" half-height, both accessible (a "sidecar" disk tray can be added internally, supporting one 5.25" half-height HDD)
Power supply 200-220VAC, 1A (6 84)

Main board

Manufacturer Olivetti (sticker 06/85)
BIOS Olivetti Resident Diagnostics Rev. 1.36, June 19, 1985 (127 Kb)
Processor SAB 8086 2-P (8 Mhz, 16-bit), DIP (8448), 1 wait state
Coprocessor Socket for optional 8087 coprocessor
Memory 256 Kb 150ns DRAM DIPs (four banks, each 64 K x 9)
Max on system board 256 Kb (*)
Bus 16-bit, proprietary (ISA 8-bit cards compatible)
Expansion slots 3 x 16-bit (proprietary), 4 x 8-bit ISA, all available (**)
Interface FDD (supports two 360/720 Kb units)
Video Integrated video adapter (640 x 400 mono) (sticker 9/84) (***)
Ports Serial for keyboard/mouse (propr. type), serial (UART 8250), parallel, video (proprietary)


Controller DTC (model unkn., ISA 8-bit), supports two ST-506/412 HDD (2484) ADDITION
Memory Model unkn. (M24 16-bit), w/ 384 Kb of RAM (one bank 256Kb x 9 , two banks 64 Kb x 9) (chips 8635) ADDITION


Diskette drive 360 Kb, 5.25" half-height (Panasonic JU-455)
Hard disk drive Seagate ST-225 (20 Mb), 5.25" half-height (8750) ADDITION


Acquisition June 2002, paid a dozen $ together w. keyboard, DSM 2412A monitor and other appliances
Condition Very good, working
Installed O.S. MS-DOS 3.10 (Italian)
Current status All hw working
Spare parts Enough to build another M24


(*) All chips are soldered (the system would accept 640 Kb on motherboard).

(**) Riser card had been replaced (newer one is dated 12/86). Most likely this system originally had a 2 x 16-bit + 1 x 8-bit ISA riser card (like this other machine).

(***) Connects motherboard to riser ("bus") card. Can be replaced w. EGC adapter. Video connector also supplies DC Power to monitor.


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