ISA Cards
Orchid Tiny Turbo 286 (8-bit)

Upgrades a 8088 IBM PC to a 80286-8 MHz system. A cable connects the card to the original 8088 socket (original CPU has to be removed). Features a Normal/Turbo switch on side panel. Dated 8651.

80286 CPU + 80287 coprocessor

Cable connector

Original 8088 CPU
(has to be placed here
for "Normal" operation)

Orchid Conquest (8-bit)

Serial and parallel interface, Real Time clock (w. backup battery), 256 Kb of 150 ns RAM (may be expanded to 384 Kb using a daughtercard which can be seen on the left). Dated 52-85.

Legend memory card (16-bit)

Features 2 Mb of 80ns RAM (8 x 256 Kb 30-pin modules). Dated 9026.

Intel 2-8 Mb XMS memory expansion (16-bit)

Card features 2 Mb of RAM (18 chips x 1 M bit) and is mapped 512 K and above (mfd. late-90)

Boca Research Sound Expression (16-bit)

Crystal CS4231A-KL audio chip, 14,400 baud modem, joystick and CD-ROM I/F. FCC ID: EUD5U9BRI4545. Dated 21 95.

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