Tandon 360 Kb Floppy Disk Drive

From an IBM PC/XT (model 5160)

Uses Double-Sided, Double-Density 5,25" Floppies.

Dated mid-84 according to chips.

Seagate ST-412
10 Mb Hard Disk

From an IBM PC/XT (model 5160).

Features 4 Heads, 306 Cyls., 17 SPT for a total of 10,2 Mb of formatted disk space. 85ms access time, 17ms tk/tk.

Rated 25,9 W.

Dated early-84 (main NCR 6500 chip has 8402).

Type 0669
115Mb ESDI Hard Disk

From an IBM PS/2 Model 80 (8580-111)

Dated mid-89 according to chips on logic board.

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