MCA Disk adapters
IBM ST-506 Fixed Disk adapter (16-bit)

Card ID: DFFD (mfd. mid-87)

IBM ST-506 Fixed Disk adapter(16-bit)

Found on PS/2 model 50. Card ID: DFFD

IBM ESDI Hard Disk Attachment (16-bit)

Card ID: DDFF (mfd. late-89)

IBM SCSI adapter (32-bit)

Card ID: 8EFE, IBM FRU P/N 85F0002 (FCC ID: ANO9SA15F6559), mfd. mid-90

Card ID: 8EFE, IBM FRU P/N 15F6561 (FCC ID is also ANO9SA15F6559), mfd. early-91

IBM SCSI adapter with Cache (32-bit)

Card ID: 8EFF (FCC ID: ANO6451018), mfd. late-91

Card ID: 8EFF, IBM FRU P/N 85F0063 (FCC ID: ANOSPRIME), mfd. early-93

IBM 3363 Optical Disk Attachment (16-bit)

Card ID: DF7F, IBM P/N 63X4266 (FCC ID: ANO9G563X4266, undated)

IBM 5.25-inch Diskette Drive adapter (16-bit)

Card ID: DFFA, IBM FRU P/N 15F7996 (early-90)

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