Processor Boards
IBM PS/2 70 Processor Card
w. Intel 386DX-25 CPU

this card mfd. mid-89

IBM PS/2 70 Processor Upgrade Card
w. IBM 486DLC2-66 CPU

FCC ID: ANO71F3164 (mfd. early-95)

IBM PS/2 90/95 Type-1 Processor Complex
w. Intel 486DX-25 CPU

IBM P/N 52G9482 (this card mfd. end-91)

IBM PS/2 90/95 Type-2 Processor Complex
w. Intel 486DX2-50 CPU

IBM FRU P/N 92F0161 (FCC ID: ANOIBM486DXC50, this card mfd. mid-93)

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