IBM PC Server 315

Machine type 8638-PS0
Serial 550P48N
Manufacturer IBM Computer Corp., U.K.
Date November 1997 (Oct. 27 1997 printing inside cover and on disk cage)

Physical description

Type Tower
Dimensions (HxWxD) 390 x 240 (incl. feet) x 440 mm
Drive bays 5 x 3.5", 2 x 5.25" half-height (all accessible)
Power supply 240W, switchable, auto-restart (DATE CODE: 9737)

Main board

BIOS IBM SurePath BIOS, rev. level INET15US (9/17/97)
Processor Intel Pentium-Pro 200 MHz (32-bit) on socket-8 (fam. 6 mod. 3 step 4, Y816)
Coprocessor Integrated on Pentium
Cache 256 Kb of high-speed 4-way set associative cache integrated on CPU
Memory 4 sockets for 60ns buffered EDO ECC DIMMs
Max on system board 512 Mb (2 x 256 Mb or 4 x 128 Mb)
Bus PCI 32-bit, ISA 16-bit
Expansion slots 4 x PCI, 2 x ISA, 1 x ISA/PCI combo (on riser card)
Interface FDD (2 units)
Ports PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, 2 buffered serial, parallel, 2 USB, Ethernet (RJ45)


Installed RAM 2 x 64 Mb 60ns EDO ECC DIMM (one 9714 on chips, others have SAM 801 and 806), 2 x 32 Mb 60ns EDO ECC DIMM (one 9714 on chips, others have SAM 801 and 806)
Video S3 Trio64V+ Super-VGA display adapter w. 1 Mb memory (upgradeable to 2 Mb) (3797)
Controller Adaptec AHA-2940AU card (9823) ADDITION
Network Compaq EJMNPDALBANY Fast-Ethernet PCI adapter (3600) ADDITION


Diskette drive 1.44 Mb, 3.5" slim (Sony MPF920-D) (9705)
Hard disk IBM DCAS-34330 (4330 Mb) SCSI, 3.5" slim (DEC-97)
2nd Hard disk IBM DCAS-34330 (4330 Mb) SCSI, 3.5" slim (DEC-97)
Tape drive Seagate CTD8000H/R/S (DDS-2, SCSI, 3,5") (9720) ADDITION
CD-ROM drive IBM CR-506-B (SCSI, 5,25" half-height, OCTOBER 1997)


Acquisition Nov. '05, paid ca. 40$, together with another PC Server 315 (s/n 0P48P), two PC Server 325, and two PS/2 model 56
Condition Excellent, missing video card (apparently, a Network card had also been removed)
Installed O.S. Novell Netware 5
Repairs/modifications Added video card taken from similar unit, added 1 x 64 Mb DIMMs (it had 128 Mb only) and Ethernet card
Current status All hw working
Current O.S. Linux Slackware 9.1
Spare parts Almost everything


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