IBM Personal System/2 Model 80 386

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Type 8580-071
Serial BR55-7597890
Manufacturer IBM U.K. Ltd.
Date February 1988 (see note below)

Physical description

Type Floor-standing
Dimensions (HxWxD) 597 x 166 (318 incl. feet) x 483 mm
Weight 23.6 Kg (8580-041)
Drive bays 2 x 3.5" half-height, 2 x 5.25" full height (1 internal)
Power supply 225 W 110-220VAC auto sense, auto-restart (WK. 50/89) REPLACEMENT


Main board

BIOS IBM, March 30, 1987 (128 Kb, planar id FEFF)
Processor Intel 80386-16 MHz (32-bit), PGA
Coprocessor Intel 80387-16 MHz, PGA ADDITION
Memory 2 sockets for 85ns DRAM cards, parity checked (PS/2 8580 proprietary type)
Max on system board 4 Mb (2 x 2 Mb)
Max. using adapter cards 16 Mb
Bus Micro Channel (MCA) 16/32-bit
Expansion slots 3 x 32-bit and 5 x 16-bit (1 w. video ext., 7 available)
Interface FDD (3.5", 720 Kb or 1.44 Mb)
Video Integrated 16-bit VGA display adapter (256 Kb, max. 320x200, 256 colours or 640x480, 16 colours)
Ports PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, serial (UART 16550A), parallel, VGA


Installed RAM 2 x 2 Mb 85ns 90X8670 cards on planar (see below for memory card)
Controller IBM ESDI hard disk attachment (id DDFF 16-bit, mid-'89) REPLACEMENT
Memory IBM 32-bit 2-8 Mb 80386 memory expansion adapter (id FCFF, 8810) w. 4 x 2 Mb 85ns SIMMs (65X6249, one 88-34, three 46-89) ADDITION
Video IBM 8514 display adapter/A (id EF7F, 8808) ADDITION


Diskette drive 1.44 Mb, 3.5" half -height (Sony MP-F77W, 1988 26) REPLACEMENT
Hard disk Model 0667 (70 Mb) ESDI, 5.25" full-height
2nd hard disk Model 0667 (70 Mb) ESDI, 5.25" full-height ADDITION


Acquisition Mid-98, collected in a dump together w. other appliances (incl. another 8580-071)
Condition Quite good, but not working
Installed O.S. IBM DOS 3.30, MS Windows 3.1(Italian)
Repairs/modifications Replaced floppy drive, ESDI controller & cables, power supply and battery (see notes below), added second hard drive and memory card with SIMMs
Current status All hw working, hard disks chassis is somewhat rusty
Current O.S. IBM PC-DOS 4.00 (US English)
Spare parts Almost everything, incl. drives, planar, etc.


This machine is my oldest PS/2 model 80. Older PS/2 machines can be easily noted because of the orange power switch (it was later replaced by a white switch) and because of the white model number/serial number label on the side of the power switch (in the contrary of the black labels used in later exs.).

In my experience, 16 MHz PS/2 models are rather vulnerable. I bought at least 4 or 5 different PS/2 80 16 MHz, and I found most of them were inoperative, usually because of a dead or faulty main board. I succedeed in building up this ex. which is, as a matter of fact, a "compilation" of pieces from different 8580-071 units: for instance all chips on the planar have date codes from 1987 or early 1988 at most, whileas there is a 20.10.89 print on side panel (planar is not a replacement, as it came to me together with the case, i.e. together with the s/n). The only functioning "orange switch" (see above) power supply also died after a couple of months of service, and I had to replace it with a younger spare part (white switch).


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