Unisys PW2

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Type PWA83301BAS
Serial P709733796 / P38473379
Manufacturer Unisys Corp., USA
Date December 1989

Physical description

Type Desktop, adapter available for floor-standing installation
Dimensions (HxWxD) 168 x 542 x 475 mm (desktop), 553 x 260 x 475 (w. floor-standing adapter, feet incl.)
Drive bays 3 x 5.25" half-height, 1 x 5.25" full-height (may be converted to obtain 2 x 5.25" half-height bays)
Power supply 302 W, 115/230 V, manual voltage switch (DATE: NOV. 1989)

Main board

Manufacturer/Model Intel corp., System 302
BIOS Phoenix 80386 ROM BIOS Plus v1.10 (15/8/89)
Chipset VIA VT82C481, VT82C495
Processor Intel 80386DX-33MHz (32-bit), PGA
Coprocessor Intel 80387DX 16-33MHz (32-bit), PGA (9138) ADDITION
External cache 64 Kb
Memory 8 sockets for 100ns 30-pin SIMMs (to be installed in groups of four)
Max on system board 8 Mb (8 x 1 Mb)
Bus Proprietary 32-bit, ISA 16-bit
Expansion slots 2 x 16/32-bit (*), 5 x 16-bit ISA, 1 x 8-bit ISA
Ports DIN keyboard, 2 serial (UART 16450), parallel


Installed RAM 8 x 1 Mb 100ns SIMMs (four 8934, four 8947)
Controller Adaptec AHA1542A SCSI adapter (4889 on card)
Video Unisys VGA-165 VGA adapter (8928)


Diskette drive 1.44 Mb, 3.5" slim (Ye Data YD-701 - 8919)
Hard disk Fujitsu M2613SA (132 Mb) SCSI, 3.5" (DATE: 1989-2)
2nd Hard disk Quantum ProDrive LPS-240S (240 Mb) SCSI, 3.5" slim ADDITION


Acquisition May '03, together w. some other systems and several keyboards, paid ca. 10$
Condition Good, working, no missing parts
Installed O.S. MS-DOS 6.20, MS Windows 3.1 (Italian)
Previous Owner Telecom Italia
Modifications Removed 3270 card, added Ethernet adapter
Current status All hw working (but performance is rather lousy)
Current O.S. (none)
Spare parts Almost nothing


(*) Two 32-bit slots were intended for external memory cards, but can be used as ordinary 16-bit ISA slots.

Peripherals: MONITORS

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