IBM Intellistation M Pro (Pentium III-933)

Machine type 6868-EBG
Serial 5596P2C
Manufacturer IBM Corp.
Location Netherlands
Preloaded software MS Windows 98/NT
Date Manuf. January 2001 (warranty started July 19, 2001)

Physical description

Type Tower
Dimensions (HxWxD) 492 x 200 x 460 mm (excl. feet)
Weigth 20,5 kg. approx.
Drive bays 4 x 3.5" (2 internal), 2 x 5.25" half-height
Power supply 330 W, 100-127/200-240V automatic voltage switch (DATE: A0037)

Main board

BIOS IBM (13 Feb. 2002), flashable
Processor Two Slots for Intel Pentium-III processors (Slot-1)
Memory Four sockets for 128-pin, 2.5 V RAMBUS RIMM modules (PC600 or PC800)
Max on system board 2 Gb (4 x 512 Mb)
Bus AGP, PCI 32-bit
Expansion slots 1 AGP, 5 PCI slots
Interface Enh. IDE (ATA-66, 2 ports, tot. 4 units), FDD (2 units), Ethernet
Ports PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, 2 buffered serial, parallel, 2 USB, Audio, Ethernet (RJ45)


Processor Intel Pentium-III 933 MHz on Slot-1 (integrated coprocessor, 256 Kb level-2 cache, 133MHz FSB)
Installed RAM 4 x 128 Mb, 2.5 V PC600 ECC RIMM modules (und.)
Video NVidia Quadro2 MXR (NV11GL, 32 Mb memory) (card 33-00)
Controller Adaptec ASC-29160LP SCSI Card (0114)


Diskette drive 1.44 Mb, 3.5" slim
Hard disk IBM-PSG DDYS-T18350N (18,2 Gb, 10000 RPM) Ultra3-SCSI, 3.5" slim (08MAY2001)
CD-ROM Samsung CD-Master 48E (Model SC-148), EIDE/ATA (48-max speed) (NOV 00)


Acquisition May 2005, paid around 200$
Condition Very Good, working
Installed O.S. Not booting
Repairs/modifications None
Current status All hw working, currently in use
Current O.S. Linux Slackware 10.1
Spare parts Almost nothing


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