IBM Personal Computer/XT

See back of machine here.

Machine type 5160
Serial AB550038108
Manufactured by IBM Corp. (made in England)
Date June 1984 (sticker inside 11 JUN 1984, M/B dated 8427)

Physical description

Type Desktop
Dimensions (HxWxD) 140 x 495 x 408 mm
Drive bays 2 x 5.25" full height
Power supply 130 W, 220 VAC

Main board

BIOS IBM, Oct. 27, 1982
Processor Intel P8088 (16-bit) DIP
Coprocessor Socket for optional 8087
Memory 256 Kb (120ns DRAM DIPs) plus memory card (see below)
Min on system board 64 Kb (marketed models had at least 128 Kb)
Max on system board 256 Kb (four banks, each 64 K x 9)
Max. using adapter cards 640 Kb
Bus ISA 8-bit
Expansion slots 7 (4 or 5 available)
Ports Keyboard


FDD Controller ISA 8-bit, IBM p/n 1503968, supports two 360 Kb units (dated 8410)
FDD Controller ISA 8-bit, IBM p/n 1816101, supports two type ST-506 units (dated 8329)
Video ISA 8-bit CGA adapter (dated 8432)
Parallel port ISA 8-bit (unk. brand/model, chips 8434) ADDITION
Memory ISA 8-bit (unk. brand/model), installed RAM 384 Kb 150ns (one bank 256 K x 9, two 64 K x 9, all chips dated 8737) ADDITION


Diskette drive 360 Kb 5.25" full -height (Tandon TM-100, dated 6184) (*)
Hard disk drive 10 Mb 5.25" full -height (Seagate ST-412, dated 8326) (*)


Acquisition Summer '01, paid a few dollars together w. a second PC/XT (*) and some other appliances
Condition Very good, working
Installed O.S. MS-DOS 3.30 (Italian)
Repairs/modifications See notes below (*)
Current status All hw working
Spare parts Power supply, planar, floppy drive


(*) Both hard disk and floppy drive failed within a couple of weeks. They had been replaced with two identical pieces belonging to another PC/XT, also dated June 84, which had a heavily damaged case.


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