Honeywell Bull AP-3279

Model AP-3279-4051
Serial 17-18769882
Manufacturer Honeywell-Bull, West Germany (*)
Date November 1987

Physical description

Type Desktop (24 NOV 1987 print inside top cvr)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 172 x 535 x 421 mm
Drive bays 3 x 5.25 inch half-height (accessible), 1 x 5.25" full-height (internal)
Power supply 150 W, 120/220VAC switchable (NCR, OCT. 87) (*)

Main board

Bus AT 16-bit
Expansion slots Total 8 ( 6 x 16-bit, 2 x 8-bit), in fact 5 or less available
Ports Keyboard


Manufacturer NCR (*)
BIOS NCR, Aug. 12, 1987, incl. Setup ver. 2.1 (*)
Processor Intel 80286-10 MHz (16-bit) DIP
Coprocessor Intel i80287, DIP ADDITION
Memory 640 Kb RAM (120ns DRAM DIPs, parity checked)
Memory ICS 16-bit mem. expansion w. 1 Mb, 120ns (87-11)
Controller HDD (ST-506 interface, supports 2 units), FDD (2 units), serial, parallel
Video EGA adapter
Communications RS232 card (8-bit, 90-40) ADDITION


Diskette drive 1.2 Mb, 5.25" half-height (Teac FD-55GFV)
2nd Diskette drive 720 Kb, 3,5" half-height (Sony MFD-17W, 89-10) ADDITION (**)
Hard disk Seagate ST-4038 (30 Mb), 5.25" full-height (87-25, cables 11 NOV 87)


Acquisition Mid-98, collected in a dump together w. its keyboard and other appliances
Condition Good, setup needed because of failing battery
Installed O.S. MS-DOS version 3.30 (Italian)
Repairs Replaced battery
Current status All hw working, cabinet somewhat worn and scratched
Spare parts Drives (FDD & HDD), power supply


(*) This machine is a remarketed NCR model.

(**) 2nd FDD is a 1.44 Mb model, but BIOS only supports 720 Kb drives.


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