IBM Vintage PCs


These charts had been drawn from the IBM Vintage PCs table, which includes only "family one" (PC/XT, PC/AT) and PS/2 systems, and not PS/1s and PS/VPs, which were introduced in 1992. There are some other limitations: for instance, data refers to newly announced systems only. Also, I left out all models whose exact announcement date is not available (total computed models: 272).

Memory and Storage Capacity

Average Standard Memory (Kb)
Average Hard Disk Capacity (Mb)
including diskless models
Maximum Hard Disk Capacity (Mb)

Market Life

This chart leaves out all models whose exact announcement or withdrawal date is not available (total computed models: 245).

Average Market Life (days)


These charts take into consideration official list prices as reported on announcement letters. All models whose exact announcement date or list price is not available have been left out (total computed models: 254).

Maximum List Price (USD)
Average List Price (USD) *
Minimum List Price (USD)

(*) Of course, calculating average list prices is almost worthless. The mean is calculated from a database which is not representative of actual sales. For instance, in 1990 a lot of high-end machines were introduced, but still many low-price models were available. Low-end (thus low-price) model types were available in a wider range of versions during the late eighties (PS/2 25, 30 etc., and this would let it seem that the average prices were rather low. Later on. PS/2s became high-end machines during the early nineties, while low end market was occupied by an expanding line of PS/VP models.

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