IBM Vintage PCs


(1) model -002 w. system applications, model -022 w/o system applications
(2) "premium" systems 95xx-Kxx have OS/2 2.1, -Qxx have DOS/Windows 3.1, whileas -Dxx machines allow choiche of OS/2 or Windows 3.1
(3) features several different "network solutions", incl. choice of pre-installed networking software
(4) Multimedia models (-6xx w. DOS/Windows, -7xx w. OS/2)
(5) -6xx have DOS/Windows 3.1, -7xx have OS/2 2.0
(6) -Dxx have DOS/Windows 3.1, -Gxx have OS/2 2.1
(7) "Tempest" series (reduced electromagnetic emission systems)
(A) these systems consist of a normal PC/XT or AT with an XT/ or AT/370 Option Kit (2 cards) and a 3270 Emulation Adapter
(B) models -Bxx w. 4 Mb RAM only were also marketed (Europe only)
(C) integrated color display
(E) Ethernet network adapter
(eK) enhanced Keyboard (a similar model featuring standard or space-saving Keyboard exists)
(Eu) Europe-only models -Axx also exist
(-K) -Xxx models, same as -1xx models but w/o keyboard
(M) integrated monochrome display
(P) portable system
(R) 8530-R02, -R21, -E0R, -E2R and 8550-R21 intelligent financial workstations (4700 host support) also exist
(S) store controllers for the IBM 4680 Store System
(T) Token-ring network adapter

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